Project focused AMM with a price floor

With Boot Finance protocol, it is possible to add in two or more swap curves instead of just relying on one, like most AMMs. The pool can be customized so that it uses a specific swap curve at a particular price range. It can even be adjusted on the fly with no adverse effects on existing liquidity providers in the pool.

On SKALE and ETH Mainnet



Ahmed Messaoud

A passionate fullstack engineer who spends most of his time developing platforms in the Defi sector (NFT, AMM) , who has a broad skill ranging from cloud computing to blockchain technologies.

City Owl

A fullstack Javascript engineer that spends his free-time playing video games or the guitar


Defi degen/investor and early yield farmer (including SNX, UNI, CRV, YFI, YAM, Sushi…); OG SNX guardian & designer of SNX monetary policy via SIP-36; MCN Ventures LP

Sabre Tooth

Defi+NFT ape, YIP-5-YFII/, EIP-16-ESDv1, DSD- multi-sig signer, co-host floorisrising podcast


25+ year trading systems developer. Prior to fintech he developed real-time process control systems. He’s held multiple C-level roles and loves bootstrapping. He built early solutions for live derivatives analysis and low-latency execution. He created one of the first Internet quote distribution systems. After mining when valued less than $1, Velo pioneered Bitcoin arbitrage. Recently he’s been decentralizing alt finance. In his spare time he enjoys riding a bicycle as fast as possible.